About Me

I am a computer science PhD student at Indiana University researching programming language theory and implementation. In particular I am interested in designing programming languages that allow programmers to productively write robust and efficient code.

The chief way that I have pursued this goal is researching gradually typed programming languages. Gradual languages allow the flexibility of prototyping in a dynamic typed programming language, to seamlessly interoperate with the strong guarantees of statically typed programming languages. In theory the strong guarantees of the static type system should allow us to generate efficient code, but in practice the overhead of the implementation techniques for gradual typing have drowned out such gains. My research focuses on fixing this shortcoming.

If you wish to know more about me, I encourage you to check out my CV.


I will occasionally write articles explaining topics of professional interest. These are used to flush out my understanding of areas as opposed to teaching others.

Research Logs

These are day to day notes on what I am working on and my thoughts on how they relate to my research. They are mostly meant for my own reference, and won’t be edited at all expect random typos and incorrect grammar, because they really are just a sketch pad.

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