I am trying to learn Japanese, and one way that helps me learn is to synthesize information from the lessons that I have learned. Here is an outline of my learning goals and collection of articles that synthesize what I learned.

Shout out to Fluent Forever


Figure out Reasonable Time Line

Figure out what level to expect on JLPT

Stage 1: Learn Correct Pronunciation

Learn Hiragana and Katakana Symbols

Learn to Distinguish Minimal Pairs

Stage 2: Learn Vocab and Grammar

First 625 words

First 1000 words

First 2000 words

Stage 3: Fix Reading and Writing

Hire a tutor on italki.com

Start Reading Manga

Start Writing and Getting Corrections

First 4000 words

Stage 4: Gain Flexibility of Speach

Find conversation partners

First 6000 words

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