Hello World

This is my first blog post.

This site is generated using Hugo and hosted on Github. It took me longer than it should have figure out how to build this site, but I think that is because I didn’t know how to effectively debug Hugo templates. I think that I have resolved this, and would love to share what worked for me.

Debugging Hugo Template

Work in progress…

  • Adding a debug flag
  • Figuring out which templates are being used

Japanese Web Fonts

Things I still need to lean about Hugo

  • How to setup the font to look great in English and fall back to system fonts for Japanese.
  • How to setup mathjax?
  • What are shortcodes and how can they make my life easier?
  • Should I be using AMP?
  • How to render the code that I care about
    • racket
    • lean
    • coq
  • How to add posts generated with other tools

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