Focusing on Work

As part of my continued struggle to improve myself I have decided to sign up for a coaching program that the Kelley School of Business funds. I met with my coach for the first time last night, and many of the things we talked about were challenging. Hopefully this document helps me stay on track with my goals for the day and can serve as a starting place for the rest of the week.

During our talk I decided that I am focusing on being a more productive worker this week.

The most important thing: OOPSLA Submission

Other Goals for Today

Keep these in mind

Goals for this Week

Planned Breaks

Distractions that I noticed (even the okay ones)

  • Email popups in the corner of my screen
  • Message in open messaging window when I open my computer
    • Led to working for 15 minutes at the request of my research partner.
  • 15 minute break went over by 15 minutes looking at rss readers.
  • Asked to post assignment for class

Future Goals

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